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AUGUST, 1998


(Copyright Stemmler, 1998)

  1. "The law of Yin and Yang is the natural order of the universe, the foundation of all things, mother of all changes, the root of life and death. In healing, one must grasp the root of the disharmony, which is always subject to the law of Yin and Yang", said Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor who reigned during the 3rd millenium BC. (excerpt from the Neijing Suwen, or the Yellow Empearor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, which was compiled around 220 BC)



The law of the balance of opposites, or the Yin/Yang (night/day; cold/hot; winter/summer; soft/hard; black/white) is a basic law of order which governs all life, from the tiniest cell to the entire universe with all of its planets and of course, it applies to all living systems including us humans. There is a Yin/Yang order within every human being, animal or plant. Trees grow, produce leaves, flowers and fruits under such an order. Animals are born, they grow, fly, gallop, or crawl under this order, and continue to reproduce and behave in predictable ways, as long as the Yin/Yang is kept in balance. When the Yin/Yang forces in man’s body, mind and spirit are preserved, humans enjoy good health and happiness.

Disease results when this balance is primarily disturbed by poor lifestyles: and unhealthy nutrition, inadequate rest, insufficient or excessive exercise, ingestion of foreign materials such as drugs and chemicals, and disregard for one’s environment. Disease also occurs at the emotional level, such as with excessive anger or repression of angry feelings, excess or lack of joy, and indifference or continuous worry about one’s life issues. Finally and perhaps most importantly, disease results form a breakage in the spirit, when higher principles which guide us are disregarded in favor of tempting opportunities.

Conflicts in conscience lead to abnormal emotions and these eventually affect the energy and normal functioning of our bodies.

It is an illusion to regard a diseased part as an isolated phenomenon that can be simply cut out or attacked with a drug, resulting in a cure and restoration of balance. The process that eventually leads to an illness is much more complex and always stems from a general imbalance (of Yin and Yang) rather than just from a local event.

 So when you look at yourself in illness and in health, try to analyze the many factors we discussed earlier, and you will better understand how to maintain and how to regain your health.

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