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Dr. Stemmler's Common Sense Medicine Basic Check List

For Patients When Evaluating A New Doctor




After you have chosen your Dr. as carefully as you choose your car,



1-  You call and hear a human voice (no fumbling with an electronic menu)



2-  The person is charming, helpful and accommodating



3-  You are able to obtain a timely and convenient appointment



4-  When you arrive, you are noticed and welcomed right away



5-  The office environment is quiet, pleasant and nurturing



6-  The office staff is attentive, competent and caring, and they smile



7-  Your waiting time is reasonable; you are notified if it is longer than expected



8-  They address you discretely, and preferably by your name and title



9-  You are asked if you wish to be weighed, without imposing on you



10- The examining room is cozy and attractive, and it has a window



11- The powder room is located inside the office, not in the hall



12- The Dr. has reviewed your information before seeing you



13- The Dr.’s demeanor is humble, compassionate, and cheerful



14- The Dr. introduces him/herself and shakes hands with you



15- The Dr. sits down, smiles and makes eye contact with you



16- The Dr. speaks in the 2nd person with you, rather than using “we” to address you



17- The Dr.’s history and exam are thorough, caring and competent



18- The Dr.’s diagnoses make sense and are clear to you



19- You are offered alternative treatment options besides orthodox ones



20- If urgent treatment is recommended, is it a life-threatening condition?



21- If a particular drug is considered for your treatment, is it safe?



22- Are you made fully aware of the treatment’s benefits and adverse effects?



23- If hospitalization and or referrals become necessary, are you given choices?



24- Can you contact patients with a similar condition treated by this Dr.?



25- Have you obtained a second opinion?  A 3rd opinion?



26- Have your test results been reported on time and without hassle?



27- Are your questions being answered without feeling rushed?



28- Have you done your own research?



29- Do you fully trust the Dr.?



30- Have you listened to your gut, your inner wisdom, your intuition?



If you answer 80% (or higher) of these questions affirmatively, you are off to a good start and you are also in charge of your own health care, a major determinant in accomplishing good outcomes

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