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The Center for Integrated Medicine
"Virtual Office Visit" Index

There it is! (previous office location)
2 Welcome to the Center for Integrated Medicine! Come in and make yourself comfortable.
3 Good Morning! My name is Shari; you must be Mr. Ford. We talked on the phone on Tuesday. May I ask you to fill out some information? It's a really short form! Then while we prepare your chart please feel free to explore the Tea Room...
4a Oh, so this is the Tea Room!
4b Wow, no paper cups? Rosenthal China, raw sugar cubes and teas from around the world!
4c Embroidered linen, Italian biscotti and books on tea; from English tea to Japanese Ceremonies, and the Zen of Tea Drinking. A quiet place to savor your tea like in the old world.
5 It is a quiet and pleasant environment with flowers, art, good books and a water fountain - a haven for those needing to recover.
6 The "conjugal/family" examining room, one of our 6 examination rooms. Mother or father and child, siblings or friends can be treated simultaneously if they wish to do so - cotton linen, plenty of pillows, blankets, CD players with a great selection of CD's, heaters and fans, stuffed animals all make our patients completely at home (and pampered, too!)

The Chinese Room. A patients' favorite - peaceful and full of exotic culture, a mini-voyage to the Far East.
8a Patients often say, "Doctor, I'm a pincushion!" Here is a sample of needles for patients to touch and become familiar with. They are very thin and flexible and have different lengths (smaller for the face than for the thigh area, for example), about 8-10 times thinner than needles doctors use for drawing blood or giving injections. Only a little "ouch!", and often no "ouch" at all is felt during acupuncture treatments.
8b Needles for treatment come out of sterilized packages like these and are 100% disposable.
9 A glance at the lines called "meridians", which connect the acupuncture points on the body. There are many points on the ear only, a system in itself, with a whole body representation on a very small surface.
10 Dr. Stemmler's famous (High tech!) acupuncture cart, housing needles, pellets, magnets, moxa and other therapeutic materials to treat patients within the Chinese medical mode.
Materials are stored in crafted baskets and boxes from around the world. The big basket (top left) was woven in Kenya; The rectangular basket next to it, in the Phillipines; The round basket on the second shelf on the far right is Zulu work; Chinese craftsmen produced the beautiful round bamboo basket on the lower right.
11a A Western state-of-the-art lab and Francie reviewing all testing to promptly report results to patients. Turnaround time for most of our lab tests is
24-48 hours. 
11b "So that's how those little bugs look under the microscope" Dr. Stemmler and Francie studying a slide in the lab.
12 "Hello, it is so nice to see you again Mrs. Martin. Francie will bring you right in…"
13 "Hi, Mrs. Martin, I'm Francie. Are you ready to come in?"

A typical examining room with a "nightstand", a swivel lamp, a bell, heater and fan, a stuffed animal and friendly pictures.
14c All examining rooms are equipped "East and West"
14d "Musica, Maestro!"
15 Patient's comments on the board: How has acupuncture "struck" you?
16 Dr. Stemmler catching a moment of relaxation during a long, busy day.
17a "Chinese Acupuncture Model"
17b "Some of your pain is running right along this meridian…it will be easy to treat." Teaching about the mysterious lines of energy described
thousands of years ago.
18 Listening to a patient. All information is vital when practicing Integrated Medicine - even to the smallest detail.
19 Taking the pulse - East & West.
20 Dr. Stemmler inserting acupuncture needles into a patient being treated for allergic rhinosinusitis.
21 Staff lounge - Van Gogh and gourmet cuisine. Only the best lunches for our special staff! The right fuel for the right performance. Best gas for your car? Choose what you eat to excel in life.
22 Francie and Dr. Stemmler enjoying the practice of Medicine.
23 Barbara and the Doctor planning the next day's appointments.
24 Shari is done with the last Newsletter mailings for the month.
25 Paying for services with a smile.
26 "Bye, bye; stay well. I will see you next week!"